Thanksgiving is not the same anymore

A day like today in 2010…


Thanksgiving is not the same anymore


“Please don’t leave me,” I yelled desperately. Those words go around and around my head ever since that devastating night, the night I’ll never forget.

That morning at school my friends and I were having a good time walking through the halls laughing, talking and sharing stories. I even shared with them for the first time that I had a crush on someone. Everyone was walking with a turkey in their hands –won by running, jogging or walking. It was two days before my favorite holiday, but something felt different there was something about the atmosphere that made me feel like something big was going to happen. I called my mother to ask what she was doing, and she told me she was visiting my grandpa who had a cold. Nothing about that worried me he had faced much worse medical problems but being the fighter that he was, he always pulled through whatever medical obstacles he faced –and besides, this was just a simple cold.

Later that afternoon, I went over to my grandparents’ house, and while I was there one of my friends invited me outside to ride bicycle with her. I asked for permission and my grandma said I could go but had to be back by 7:00pm. That time was perfect for me because that’s the time that my mom got off work, and she gets to the front of the house and beeps her horn for me to come out so we could head home. I was having so much fun that I lost the track of time. Before I knew it, it was already 7:00 pm. I got to my grandparents’ house on time, but something felt strange. Instead of my mom just beeping the horn for me to come out, she came inside and stayed. I went into the house and as soon as I got inside my grandma told me to go check my grandpa.

I walked into his room and although it looked like he was sleeping he was actually watching television. I asked him how he was feeling but I couldn’t understand what he was saying. He eventually got up and walked into the living room with me. He kept talking, but something was clearly wrong because no one could understand him.

“Papi, did you take your pills?” My mom asked.

He answered but it was hard to understand.

“Adeysha, go get the pills,” She said with despair.

I left the room to look for the pills and my radio because I wanted to sing the song that I was going to perform for Christmas for them; I thought it would make my grandpa feel better to hear me sing.

“Papi, can I sing for you?” I said.

“Sure, you…” My mom interrupted him and said…

“No Adeysha, not now. We have to go to the hospital. Sing for him when we get back.”

I couldn’t understand why the hurry, what was wrong. But my grandma and mom were almost running to get his clothes and medications. Just that fast, in less than a minute, his complexion changed and that’s when it hit me that we didn’t have a lot of time. His eyes were gone. He looked at me but I couldn’t get his attention. My grandma started talking to him beacuse we didn’t wanted to lose him completely. We tried to carry him but he suddenly felt like 300 pound man. We called the neighbors because we needed help and thankfully they were outside and able to help us get him into the car. I was in the back with him. He didn’t talked or moved but I could feel the tension in his body. We passed by the church that my grandparents attended over 20 years and the tension he was transmitting suddenly went away. His body was too peaceful for that situation; I kew everything had changed.

“Nooo! Noo! Please don’t leave me” I yelled desperately while I cried my soul out.

After surviving open heart surgery and three pacemakers a simple cold determined his life. I was devastated. I couldn’t sing for him. He never came back. Thanksgiving is not the same anymore. I went in the chapel and decide to give him my last kiss and when my lips touched his cheek he was cold like ice and hard like a rock. My mind was paralyzed. That affirmed to me he was gone. He was a humble person incapable of hurting someone. He did good for others without expecting anything in return, he was a role model. To this day is hard to understand my grandfather, the man who raised me 12 years of my life will no longer be with me.


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